Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two Months Old!

I know, I've really been slacking with the blog posts in the last few weeks. My apologies! This post is gonna be a bit long, but I'm gonna do my best to catch much has happened!

Michaela started smiling when she was about one month old (almost to the day!) and I am LOVING that! I remember telling Brad when she was only about two weeks old that I thought it was cruel that babies were born without the ability to least then I would know I was doing something right! But her first smiles came just at the right time, and they make EVERYTHING worthwhile. :)

As you can see, she absolutely LOVES her swing! Most days she'll spend at least half an hour in there just smiling and "talking" to her little animal friends on her mobile.

Now for some important "meetings" in her life! My sister Pyper and her boyfriend Jay came out to visit Michaela when she was about one month old. I was so happy she was able to come out- Pyper was the only Auntie that Michaela hadn't met yet!

Brad's Aunt Linda and Uncle Dan also came out to visit a few weeks ago, so Michaela got some nice cuddles from Auntie Linda.

Brad played in a hockey tournament last weekend, and Michaela and I managed to make it out to all of his games! Granted, we were late for most of them, but it was still fun to take Michaela to Daddy's games and to cheer him on. And of course, she had to be appropriately dressed for the occasion, so Mommy picked out her "I'm told I like hockey" onesie. And how cute are her little jeans??? :)

A couple of days ago, I took Michaela for her first visit to Circle Square Ranch. I had only told one person that we were going to be coming, so it was SO much fun to surprise everyone else! Here she is visiting Tom and Laurie Weppler, the Ranch directors. Tom said that as soon as he heard Laurie squeal in delight, he knew that someone had either brought a baby or a puppy to visit! :)

Happily helping Bonnie run the Ranch office!

I was so glad that Bernice Doan was around when we popped in to visit! I met Bernice when I first started going to the Ranch when I was 10 years old, and she's been so influential in my faith and my life in general since that time. As I told her, I really hope and pray that Michaela finds people like Bernie and Bernice in her life when she's older.

The next stop we made after visiting the Ranch was to visit my grandparents in Daysland, AB so they could meet Michaela. They had no idea we were coming, so they were absolutely delighted! Each of them got to hold Michaela, and Great-Grammy in particular got some big smiles. It was pretty precious. :)

That's what's been happening in our world!